Clinical Solution - Breast Cancer


TumorSight Viz & Plan provides surgical oncologists with 3D spatial visualizations of breast cancer using standard-of-care medical imaging (DCE MRI) to support more effective surgical planning and patient consultations (e.g. Breast Conservation Surgery). Clear 3D “digital twin” renderings automatically display the tumor in the context of auto-segmented anatomical structures (skin, vessels, chest, fat, gland, heart).

*This device is not FDA cleared or approved

See what TumorSight Viz & Plan can do

3D Spatial Visualization

Automatic segmentation (artificial intelligence) and displays tumor shape, size, morphology, and location.

Accurate Volume  Measurements

Reliable volume calculations for decision-making to assess breast-conserving surgery or mastectomy options.

Tumor-To-Landmark  Measurements

Plan optimal surgical outcomes in breast-conserving surgery using measurements to key anatomical features.

Evaluate different surgical options

TumorSight Plan converts prone to supine

TumorSight Plan translates an MRI from a prone to supine operative position enabling enhanced surgical & reconstructive planning. Supine models in TumorSight Plan incorporate the effects of gravity on different tissues, movement of tissues relative to adjacent structures, and variability in skin elasticity as a function of patient demographics.

The images below show the standard MRI in the prone position, the TumorSight Plan's conversion to the supine position, and the CT in the supine position (tumor in blue) overlayed with the TumorSight Plan supine conversion outlined in purple.  

Prone MRI

TS Plan Supine Conversion

Supine CT overlayed
with TS Plan Supine Conversion

TumorSight Viz & Plan Impact

The 3D model provided by TumorSight Viz & Plan gives breast surgeons a better understanding of breast conservation surgical options to minimize surgery severity and improve patient quality of life. Additionally, the 3D model’s 360° depiction of the tumor and surrounding tissues enhances collaborative decision-making between the surgeon and patient.

When surveyed, 70% of surgeons the rated tool as valuable or very valuable overall. They noted the greatest value when used in specific cases, such as multi-focal and multi-centric, DCIS, large tumors, and tumors close to the skin or nipple.

Source: Internal survey

TumorSight Viz & Plan demonstration video

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How TumorSight Viz & Plan works

TumorSight Plan uses individual patient standard-of-care medical imaging and diagnostic data, if available, as inputs. The software identifies tumor tissue automatically with trained AI and creates a 3D tumor along with surrounding tissue to calculate breast and tumor volume along with distances to nearby anatomical features.

Baseline DCE-MRI

Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI

AI-Segmentation Processing Pipeline

Convolutional Neural Networks

3D “Digital Twin”

Patient-specific info & analytics

Optimize your surgical planning

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