Clinical Solution - Breast Cancer


When it comes to cancer, time is of the essence for patients and their families. With TumorSight IQ, breast surgeons and their patients can discuss surgical options earlier to aid in the evaluations of services needed at the time of definitive surgery by visualizing tumor response to neoadjuvant therapy.

*This device is not FDA cleared or approved

A first of it’s kind surgical planning tool

3D Post-Treatment Visualization

Generates a 3D representation of the patient's post-treatment tumor and surrounding tissue.

Tumor Volume Estimation

Post neoadjuvant treatment, visualize the change in tumor volume. 

Localize Tumor & Surrounding Tissue

Provides size, extent, and location of residual disease and its relationship to landmark structures.

Demonstrated accuracy in post neoadjuvant treatment volume

TumorSight IQ uses mathematical models derived from computational spatial biophysics to estimate response. It has been shown that TumorSight IQ determined the tumor volume at baseline, during, and after physician chosen therapy with only 6.7% error. To learn more, read our published study here.

How TumorSight IQ works

With only standard-of-care diagnostic data and our spatial biophysics unlocked with AI and data science, TumorSight IQ creates digital twin of a patient's tumor that recapitulates its unique tumor biology and behavior upon treatment.

Baseline DCE-MRI

Dynamic Contract-Enhanced MRI

Pathology Markers

HER2, HR, Histology, Staging, Grade

Demographics (EMR)

Age, Race

Drug Regimen

Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Enhance your surgical planning

Unlock faster insights and empower proactive decision making with TumorSight IQ. Contact us to explore a new era in surgical planning today.