A New Era in Precision Medicine: SimBioSys® Announces Strategic Collaboration with Magic Leap to Advance TumorSight Platform with AR Integration

SimBioSys and Magic Leap join forces to integrate AI-powered TumorSight Viz with AR technology, revolutionizing surgical precision and patient outcomes in cancer care

The first demonstration of the potential of this collaboration was recently on display at the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) 2024 conference in Orlando.

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SimBioSys®, a pioneering TechBio company unlocking the power of spatial biophysics with artificial intelligence (AI) and computational modeling to redefine precision medicine for cancer, today announced a strategic collaboration with Magic Leap to explore fusing cutting-edge technologies with the potential of revolutionizing cancer surgery. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of surgical oncology, combining SimBioSys’ expertise in medical imaging AI evaluation with Magic Leap’s state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) technology. Together, this collaboration endeavors to empower surgeons with innovative tools that optimize surgical precision, minimize invasiveness, and ultimately improve patient quality of life.

SimBioSys’ newly FDA-cleared product, TumorSight Viz, provides surgical oncologists with unparalleled 3D spatial visualizations and key insights of a patient’s breast cancer on a web-browser, giving clinicians a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s cancer and supporting more effective patient consultations. Through this collaboration, the companies will explore the integration of TumorSight Viz into Magic Leap 2’s AR product, revolutionizing how surgeons can interact with and understand a patient-specific case. By enabling viewing on immersive AR, surgeons can gain unprecedented insight into tumor localization and surrounding anatomy, supporting more informed treatment decision-making and enhanced patient outcomes.

“Like AI, the AR field has made incredible strides in recent years, with Magic Leap being a recognized market leader and trailblazer in the space,” said Barry Rosen, MD, CMO of SimBioSys and breast surgical oncologist. “Unfortunately, other VR/AR approaches have failed in modalities such as breast cancer where the imaging does not reflect the patient’s position at surgery. SimBioSys has solutions coming to market soon that can adjust for this with our computation modeling capabilities and can help power AR in breast cancer to have real clinical utility.”

Magic Leap 2 is an enterprise-ready AR device designed to seamlessly bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds. Boasting breakthrough features like Dynamic Dimming™ technology, double the field of view, and unmatched image quality, Magic Leap 2 sets new standards for AR technology in the enterprise sector.

The first demonstrations of the dual technologies were recently shown at the 2024 American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) conference. The integrated SimBioSys and Magic Leap 2 workflow is currently for educational purposes only and not FDA cleared (or otherwise cleared) for diagnostic use or other uses.

About SimBioSys, Inc.

SimBioSys is a pioneering TechBio company harnessing the power of spatial biophysics with artificial intelligence and computational modeling to redefine precision medicine, revolutionize patient care and defeat cancer. By seeing cancer more completely, SimBioSys aims to empower clinicians, patients, and researchers with a more informed understanding of a patient’s tumor to optimally assess all available options and deliver on the promise of truly individualized patient care. To learn more, visit us at https://www.simbiosys.com/.

About Magic Leap

Magic Leap, Inc.’s technology is designed to amplify human potential by delivering the most immersive Augmented Reality (AR) platform, so people can intuitively see, hear, and touch digital content in the physical world. Through the use of our advanced, enterprise-grade AR technologies, products, platforms, and services, we deliver innovative businesses a powerful tool for transformation. Founded in 2010, Magic Leap, Inc. is proudly headquartered in South Florida, with eight additional offices across the globe.


Sarah Ellinwood, PhD
The Market Element