SimBioSys® Launches TumorSight Plan, A Pioneering Clinical Decision Support for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

TumorSight Plan is the first clinical decision support tool to support more effective provider-patient decision making and individualize surgical planning to right-size care.

Powered by FDA-cleared TumorSight Viz, it provides advanced visualization, data-driven insights, and best practices.

CHICAGO, IL – 9 April 2024 — SimBioSys®, a pioneering TechBio company unlocking the power of spatial biophysics with artificial intelligence (AI) and computational modeling to redefine precision medicine for cancer, is excited to announce the launch of its second clinical application TumorSight Plan – the first clinical decision support application to provide a data-driven approach to surgical planning for over 270,000 patients annually diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in the U.S.

Surgery is the first and most important line of treatment for nearly all patients with early-stage breast cancer, yet surgeons unfortunately lack tools to be more precise in their treatment planning decisions. The uncertainty surrounding the complete removal of each patient’s tumor and achieving an ideal cosmetic result often nudges decision-making towards mastectomy as the preferred choice over breast-conserving surgery. 

Now, with TumorSight Plan, surgeons are empowered with visualization, data-driven insights, and best-practices to help support more effective provider-patient interactions and individualize treatment planning to right-size care. TumorSight Plan is powered by the FDA-cleared TumorSight Viz, an innovative 3D visualization solution to support the rapidly increasing use of MRI imaging in Breast Cancer. Both TumorSight Plan and Viz are now available to breast surgeons across the country and will be on display at the American Association of Breast Surgeon’s conference in Orlando from April 11th to 13th

“Until now the decision about what was best, or even possible, for each patient was not always clear. SimBioSys’ TumorSight suite is a huge breakthrough in our capacity to utilize AI to calibrate a balance between decision standardization and individualized medicine. SimBioSys® is leading breast surgeons and patients into an era of greater confidence in personalized decision making,” said Dr. Christy Teal, Director of Breast Care Center and the Chief of Breast Surgery at GW Medical. Dr. Teal is also a renowned co-author of “No Longer Radical. Understanding Mastectomies and Choosing the Breast Cancer Care That’s Right For You.” 

SimBioSys® is dedicated to expanding the TumorSight™ platform, with plans to incorporate additional innovative tools across surgical planning, risk assessment, treatment selection and precision dosing. This comprehensive approach aims to deliver holistic support for the cancer care journey, epitomizing the promise of true precision medicine. 

“The reality is that the operation a woman has for breast cancer is often more dependent on the surgeon they see rather than their intrinsic disease due to lack of data-driven tools and approaches,” said Barry Rosen, MD, CMO of SimBioSys® and breast surgical oncologist.  “Working with top surgeons across the United States, we now can harness the power of AI to make surgical planning more of a science than an art. TumorSight Plan gives the breast cancer surgeon a platform and opportunity to enable more analytical patient-centric decision making which should lead to higher percentage of women undergoing breast conservation surgery.” 

About SimBioSys, Inc.

SimBioSys® is a pioneering TechBio company harnessing the power of spatial biophysics with artificial intelligence and biophysical modeling to redefine precision medicine, revolutionize patient care and defeat cancer. By seeing cancer more completely, SimBioSys® aims to empower clinicians, patients, and researchers with a more informed understanding of a patient’s tumor to optimally assess all available options and deliver on the promise of truly individualized patient care. To learn more, visit us at

Sarah Ellinwood, PhD
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