Biopharma Dealmakers: Virtualizing cancer to eliminate uncertainty and individualize care

No two tumors are alike. What if we could model treatment planning for each individual patient? Meet TumorScope – the first of its kind 4D Tumor Modeling platform that combines state of the art biophysical modeling, spatial profiling, and artificial intelligence to advance precision cancer care one case at time.

Dr. Anuja Antony, MD, MPH, MBA, FACS, Chief Medical Officer of SimBioSys, says:
TumorScope answers the big what-if questions clinicians have in oncology. ‘What if I could run numerous different treatment protocols and find the best one?’ ‘What if I could understand how a patient could get the most benefit with the least toxicity and morbidity.’ ‘What if I could help the patient understand the treatment plan so that they could play an active role in their decision-making?’ TumorScope allows the clinician to do this and more as the platform creates a 4D model of a patient’s unique tumor to truly deliver on the promise of precision oncology with sophisticated AI and modeling techniques that can forecast tumor response to treatment in a user-friendly visual format.

TumorScope also supports drug development and clinical trials.

Dr. Patricia Carrigan, SVP, Precision Medicine of SimBioSys, says:
TumorScope can run virtual trials providing our pharma partners a read out before ever dosing a patient. We can rerun analyses over and over to answer as many upfront questions as the drug development team needs to know. These insights will allow for better trial design to incorporate biomarkers and other precision medicine strategies

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